Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Job Functions and Responsibilities

The candidates should have strong customer service skills and should have good mathematical and reading abilities and should have a thorough knowledge of the names and uses of the medicines and should not have a record of substance or drug abuse. Typically, technicians are certified and formally trained from accredited institutions, colleges or the military. Community colleges also offer formal training in technician courses and include an internship and extensive educational programs. There are both degree and diploma courses.
Advancement Possibilities
The job prospects of pharmacy technicians look positive and upbeat for the next several years considering the gap between demand and supply of qualified hands in the healthcare sector. Experienced pharmacy technicians with formal training are always in demand in the career sector and as people retire or relocate, new positions come up and to fill in those who leave the field. Though not many advancement opportunities exist for pharmacy, they can be supervisors or sales officers or can move into specialty positions, or become pharmacists with the proper training.
Working Conditions
Pharmacy technicians work in clean and organized environments such as hospitals, and retail pharmacies where they will be spending most of their working hours standing on their feet. Hence they should be physically fit and should be healthy and disease free. Pharmacy technicians can be employed either part-time or full-time and they many be required to work evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Part time job opportunities are ideal for students who wish to fund their education expenses.
Pharmacy technicians employed by hospitals earn more money than those who work in grocery stores or drug stores. Like wise certified technicians are likely to earn more money. Night shifts or working n weekends and holidays might add up to the earnings.

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