Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama II

Barack Hussein Obama II has lead the life that almost every American lives; the one that is filled with good upbringing, a strong family bonding and quality education. It is because of the strong conviction and blessings of his elders that he is the first African-American to become the President of USA. One thing that makes Barack Obama unusual from his counterparts is an unwavering urge to serve the general public and keep them united.
The persona of Barack Obama is definitely one such element that would leave everyone impressed as he is an open minded person and has a poised personality that helps him a lot in winning fans and followers. With his impressive and captivating speaking skills, one can get an indication that he is a pensive writer who likes to say what he feels.
As Barack Obama II has a very balanced persona, he has given some clear indications most of the times for the astute political sense that he possesses. The prominent areas that interest Barack Obama are supporting healthcare, public education and economic growth of his country. The various job creation ventures that are taking place in US show that Barack Obama is highly concerned about carrying out some principled reforms.
His prior experience has helped him a lot in reaching the place where he is today. Serving the senate for good seven years and working as a community attorney, he got the right idea of what the people of US were in the emergent need of.
This avid basketball player loves to spend quality time with his family and one would often notice him with his family members at the weekend. One memorable quote from Barack Obama that shows the emotional set up that he has is "You can't have No Child Left Behind if you leave the money behind".
Barack Hussain Obama II is truly the leader that United States has been looking in for. With in depth knowledge about the political affairs and keenness to make the best possible things happen, he is definitely going to pen down a new era of US ruler ship.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Job Functions and Responsibilities

The candidates should have strong customer service skills and should have good mathematical and reading abilities and should have a thorough knowledge of the names and uses of the medicines and should not have a record of substance or drug abuse. Typically, technicians are certified and formally trained from accredited institutions, colleges or the military. Community colleges also offer formal training in technician courses and include an internship and extensive educational programs. There are both degree and diploma courses.
Advancement Possibilities
The job prospects of pharmacy technicians look positive and upbeat for the next several years considering the gap between demand and supply of qualified hands in the healthcare sector. Experienced pharmacy technicians with formal training are always in demand in the career sector and as people retire or relocate, new positions come up and to fill in those who leave the field. Though not many advancement opportunities exist for pharmacy, they can be supervisors or sales officers or can move into specialty positions, or become pharmacists with the proper training.
Working Conditions
Pharmacy technicians work in clean and organized environments such as hospitals, and retail pharmacies where they will be spending most of their working hours standing on their feet. Hence they should be physically fit and should be healthy and disease free. Pharmacy technicians can be employed either part-time or full-time and they many be required to work evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Part time job opportunities are ideal for students who wish to fund their education expenses.
Pharmacy technicians employed by hospitals earn more money than those who work in grocery stores or drug stores. Like wise certified technicians are likely to earn more money. Night shifts or working n weekends and holidays might add up to the earnings.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Loan Officer Job

Scope of Work
Loan officers basically work for banks, credit unions and other financial and savings institutions and they specialize in commercial, consumer or mortgage as per the officer job description. Commercial officers, as the name implies work with businesses to help them obtain loans to buy machinery or for expanding business operations where as consumer officers help individuals to get auto loans, personal loans, and home equity loans. Mortgage loan officers offer guidance in refinancing an existing mortgage or to get fresh mortgage for buying commercial or residential property.
Educational Qualification and Other Requirements
officers should be self driven and highly motivated individuals who are good at multitasking. They should have excellent interpersonal skills, flawless communication capabilities and should be physically and mentally strong to tackle the many challenges that come their way in completing the paper work and liaison with the concerned departments in getting the loan proceedings ready.
A bachelor's degree in finance, economics or a related field is the ideal qualification for a loan officer. Even people who do not have college education can become officers if they wish. Starting their career as tellers or customer service representatives they can move up the corporate ladder to be a lit after several years of working experience in the financial industry.
Additional Eligibility Criteria
Officers working in mortgage banks and brokerages should have license and in some cases might involve additional training as well. Normally there are no licensing requirements for officers employed at banks.
The Promotional Scope
The employment scenario of loan officers will be robust and bright in the days to come. Candidates with degree and adequate lending experience have a fair chance of getting into some of the best financial institutions. Depending on the merit and performance they will be promoted to branch managers or still higher positions
Working Conditions
The candidates should be ready. Though the average working hours per week is around 40 hours, they may be forced to put in extra hours when there are more loan applications to process.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Career Scope of School Counselor Jobs

Nature of Job
Also known as guidance counselors they serve as an interface between the student community and the school and are seen in both private and public schools. They work in tandem with teachers, parents, school nurses and community groups to ensure the well being of the students. The private and group sessions are very helpful for the students where they can discuss their problems- both personal and academic and arrive at a practical solution. Counselors help the students to tide over anxiety and low esteem issues of students and exam phobia too.
Education and Training Requirements
Student counselors should have certifications; however the nature of certification might differ from school to school. Some US states also require teaching certification fro student counselors. Typically Bachelor's degrees in psychology, education, or the liberal arts form the requirement. In addition, the candidates aspiring to be student counselors should have excellent interpersonal skills, communication capability and group dynamics to be successful in the job.
Getting the Job
Counselor job seekers can apply to news paper ads, employment agencies, college placement agencies and online employment sites. They can also directly apply to the superintendents of school districts.
Employment Prospects
School counselors can become supervisors or school administrators. Specialization in guidance areas like vocational guidance might open up higher levels of job placement opportunities.
It is estimated that the employment scope of school counselors is likely to grow faster that many other jobs for the next 4-5 years because of a jump in school enrollments and the legislation, which makes it mandatory for all elementary schools to have student counselors. The crisis prevention counseling is also a very promising area in the job market.
Working conditions
School counselors might have longer working hours than teachers because their job involves meeting the students and teachers before or after the class.
Earnings and Benefits
The salary of school counselors depends on the nature of the organization and the work experience of the counselors. Other benefits include paid holidays and vacations, sick leave, health insurance, and retirement plans.