Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Career Scope of School Counselor Jobs

Nature of Job
Also known as guidance counselors they serve as an interface between the student community and the school and are seen in both private and public schools. They work in tandem with teachers, parents, school nurses and community groups to ensure the well being of the students. The private and group sessions are very helpful for the students where they can discuss their problems- both personal and academic and arrive at a practical solution. Counselors help the students to tide over anxiety and low esteem issues of students and exam phobia too.
Education and Training Requirements
Student counselors should have certifications; however the nature of certification might differ from school to school. Some US states also require teaching certification fro student counselors. Typically Bachelor's degrees in psychology, education, or the liberal arts form the requirement. In addition, the candidates aspiring to be student counselors should have excellent interpersonal skills, communication capability and group dynamics to be successful in the job.
Getting the Job
Counselor job seekers can apply to news paper ads, employment agencies, college placement agencies and online employment sites. They can also directly apply to the superintendents of school districts.
Employment Prospects
School counselors can become supervisors or school administrators. Specialization in guidance areas like vocational guidance might open up higher levels of job placement opportunities.
It is estimated that the employment scope of school counselors is likely to grow faster that many other jobs for the next 4-5 years because of a jump in school enrollments and the legislation, which makes it mandatory for all elementary schools to have student counselors. The crisis prevention counseling is also a very promising area in the job market.
Working conditions
School counselors might have longer working hours than teachers because their job involves meeting the students and teachers before or after the class.
Earnings and Benefits
The salary of school counselors depends on the nature of the organization and the work experience of the counselors. Other benefits include paid holidays and vacations, sick leave, health insurance, and retirement plans.

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